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It’s not through some sophisticated marketing strategy, but YouTube advertising.


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Once there was a businessman who discovered that YouTube was the one platform that most of his rivals hadn’t yet harnessed; one that, if handled expertly, has an infinite pool of potential clients who could all be flocking to his business.


He unearthed this HYPNOTIC goldmine of a marketing tactic that would SWOOP IN & RESCUE HIM from the UNBEARABLE BURDEN of juggling client acquisition & RETENTION as well as managing his business Every single TIRING day.


A ‘lightbulb’ moment,  dawned on him and he said to himself, “DON’T BUY YOUTUBE ADs, DON’T HIRE A FANCY-OVEREXPENSIVE YOUTUBE ADs AGENCY, AND DON’T HIRE CHEAP KNOCKOFF STUDIOS Until you have tried ExogixAds.”

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You don't want to pay exorbitant prices or receive a cookie-cutter video? We've got you! Find a better price at the same Top Agency level of quality and ExogixAds will beat it by 15% guaranteed. 💪💪💪

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Our team's collective experience in this field exceeds 17 years because we have been doing it for so long. You have full access to our experienced ExogixAds video marketing team who can answer any questions regarding distribution and strategy for your video.

No surprises or Hidden Fees.

What you see on our Packages & Prices page for the price displayed is what you get. Each package is priced based on the No. of seconds or No. of actors/ shooting locations As well as No. of Months to Daily manage & Optimize Your YouTube Ads Campaign. (You pay YouTube Directly for the minimum No. of views you want and let us beat that target at no extra cost to you).

Full Service YouTube Video Marketing.

We offer each package as a full-service promotion package in which we carry out & manage the video production And AS A BONUS, FREELY FOR the FIRST MONTH, The ExogixAds Team of Google & YouTube ads Experts will set up, manage and Daily Optimize Your YouTube ads campaign it with intense Keywords & demographic research. Only if you are pleased with our work do you pay a Monthly fee for any further promotion for your YouTube Video ad.

Every Industry & ‘Done-for-you’ option.

We work with enterprises like Google all the way down to your local hair salon, we’ve made videos in the majority of industries, and we know what works, and have seen what doesn't. Want to leave it to the professionals? Our ExogixAds Combo and Premium Combo packages will be suitable, we do it all in the optimal way to get you the desired result. Turning Prospects Into Long-term Clients.

Take Note: 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Your video isn’t complete until you love it. Our goal is to create a video that you feel proud of using. Also, we are here to rescue you from having to take that 3 months online course to learn how to run YouTube Ads. We have already done that for you; Just sit back and watch Your Sales Pipeline fill up!

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FAQs on YouTube Advertising

These are some of the Most frequent questions and answers 👇🏽

Here is a brief description of the various YouTube Ad types:

  1. Skippable in-stream video ads: These ads (“pre-roll” or “mid-roll”) appear before or during the video. The ability for viewers to skip them after the first five seconds is what makes them distinctive.
  2. Non-skippable in-stream video ads: As the name implies, these are comparable to skippable instream ads with the caveat that there is no skip button present at all. The ad must be watched until the end by the audience.
  3. Discovery ads: When users enter keywords in the YouTube search window, a search result page is displayed, just like Google search does. For visitors to see and interact with your ad, Discovery Ads display alongside other organic search results.
  4. Non-video Ads: These ads, which resemble display ads more, are located on the right sidebar. These ads typically have an image, a call to action, and a headline phrase.

An excellent engaging video ad should grab the viewer’s attention early on in the video, establish the concern or desire, explain the remedy or advantages, and close with a solid and clear call to action because YouTube draws visitors with a high intent to consume video content. You’ve got a masterpiece on your hands if you only add a little fun to make it enjoyable!

Practically any budget can be used to start running YouTube ads. By the projected outcomes of your campaign, it is always up to you to choose how much money to spend. In the worst-case scenario, though, budget roughly $0.05 (usually oscillates between $0.01 to $0.03) for every YouTube view that doesn’t select “Skip Ad⏭”, as you won’t be charged if they do.

For $100/month, for instance, you might get between 2,000–10,000 views😱 that didn’t “skip.”

Yes, you will need a Google Ads account to create, manage and optimize your YouTube marketing campaign. You may visit this Google Support page to learn how to do so for free If you don’t already have one set up.

You can use a variety of tools and features available on the ads platform to assess the effectiveness of your campaigns (DAILY!) These make it possible for the YouTube ads platform to log and monitor your desired outcomes, such as website visits, video views, lead submissions, or transactions, making it simple for you to assess the campaign’s ROI in real-time.

Yes, you have the freedom to select the people you want to target by using targeting parameters such as age, location, income level, interests, life events, and much more on the ads platform. One of the reasons YouTube advertisements are so powerful is that they can be made to target very particular demographics.

Yes, before the campaign begins you must create a channel where your video ads can be uploaded to run YouTube video ads. The comprehensive instructions for quickly creating a YouTube channel are available on this Google Support page.

Remember that you don’t necessarily need to upload new videos every other week just because you’re beginning a YouTube channel. That sort of organic YouTube strategy differs from a channel that has been put up to promote ads.

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