ExogixAds Affiliates & Partners

Get a 15% commission on every new sale

This Is How You Do It

✅ Promote ExogixAds On Social media.

✅ Write About Us In Your Blogs And Articles.

✅ Create Niche-Based Educational/Entertainment Videos And Recommend ExogixAds.

✅ Embed The ExogixAds Logo & Banners On Your Website. (Where Promotionally Relevant)

✅ Send Your Affiliate Link To Your Email Subscribers, Podcast Listeners, YouTube, and TikTok Audience, (and others to whom it’s commercially relevant according to their Locale’s laws).


❌ Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link On Coupon &/or Deal Sites.

❌ Don’t False Advertise ExogixAds In Any Manner.

❌ Don’t Change Our Logos Or Banners.

❌Don’t Use Your Affiliate Link For Purchases. (Simply email us if you’re an approved Partner/Affiliate and we’ll offer you an Exclusive Discount).

❌ Don’t Offer Unofficial Discounts & Coupon Codes.



  1. You apply for the ExogixAds Affiliate/Partnership Program. (Indicate how you plan to promote our services)
  2. Once your promotion method is approved, you join the program and are welcome to our Exclusive Facebook Community.
  3. You share & Learn Top & Quicker white-hat tactics to get referrals to buy.
  4. You earn as much commission as you want from as many referrals to go to your financial freedom or even a charity of your choosing.

The Short Answer: As much as you want. 

The Longer Version: For every one of your referrals that buys, you get a minimum of 250USD in case they go for our lowest video ads package (discount included), and all the way to 11,400USD if they go for our highest one (discount excluded).

We Have a 90 days Cookie period. So if someone comes to us through your affiliate link and only that link, you will earn a commission on their purchase even if it’s 2 months later.

Oh Yes, We Do! 😉


What Does That Mean For You? 🤔

Well, this means you do not always need your referrals to purchase before you earn a commission with us.

You can just earn a 5% or 3% commission on whatever package other Affiliates/Partners’ referrals purchase. 


How Can You Earn This Multilevel Commission?

All you (as the Level 1 Partner) need to do is reach out to other well-connected, and hardworking people, or those that influence a bigger audience with your referral link, leading them to join the ExogixAds Affiliate/Partnership Program.

Once they are approved, whatever future purchase they (Level 2 Partner), or someone they referred to join the program (Level 3 Partner) will be responsible for, you will get a 5% or 3% commission on it respectively.


Awesome Right?😎 You could just spend your day guiding other YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn & Facebook influencers to join the Affiliate Program and earn passive income without talking to a single prospect.


FYI: If your Level 2 or Level 3 referrals made a big sale of our highest package, you could make 3,700USD or 2,200USD respectively.🤯

Food For Thought! 

Yes, a minimum of 200 USD Per payout request, just to make things manageable on our end. 

After all, the bare minimum you could make from a direct referral purchase is 250 USD. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♀️


You can always join the program as long as your promotional method is in line with our core values.


Note: If we realize or get valid reports of you straying from the Do’s & Don’ts, (both the ones listed on our website or in the Facebook Group posts and the implied ones), we will have no choice but to terminate your partnership with us.

For now, we only settle payout requests via PayPal or Direct Bank Transfer.

(Don’t worry: all referrals and their purchases are tracked by our Never-Miss-A-Thing Affiliate system, created by the renown CodeExpert.io, esteemed makers of top software products like CoDesigner, CoSchool, ShareLogins and RestrictElementor).


Note: For some newer accounts, PayPal chooses to hold funds paid to you for a given period for safety reasons…

In case that happens, the funds are already in your account and are yours, you just need to wait patiently for a little while to access them. 😊

  • ExogixAds is not responsible for any actions taken by your chosen payment gateway.

To make things manageable, we settle all payout requests on the last Monday of every month.



Keep your eyes peeled👀 in the VIP Partners Facebook community because we shall be awarding Top Affiliates 💪🏽with the ability to receive earned commission almost twice or thrice a month.

Your Success Is Our Priority!

Track referrals, measure performance, view earnings and earn industry-leading commissions.


A new client from you means everything to us!

ExogixAds Project Questionnaire

The design process is collaborative, requiring both the client (YOU) and the designer (US) to team up & produce the best brand video. Any info provided below helps your video ad accurately reflect your business, giving you the assurance you need to launch your YouTube ads campaign.

Please Answer as many of these questions as you can.

Pretend You’re explaining to a child.

What Type of Video advertising project(s) are you interested in?
Where can we reach you?
Tell us a bit about Your business?
Some info to guide your assigned script writer?
Some info to guide us on which of our voiceover artists to assign to your project?
Some info to use on the final video?
Some info to guide our YouTube Ads Experts when managing your Ad campaign daily?

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